How can I edit my team name?

On the league page buttom right where it says Account Settings section

How to leave a league?

On the league page buttom right where it says Account Settings section. Click on Settings and it takes you to the settings page. If the draft order has not been set yet, then you can leave the league but clicking the Leave button.

How many players in a league?

It is currently set to 8. But we are looking to change that in the future.

How many wrestlers get drafted per team?

There are 12 wrestlers drafted per team. 8 are active on a weekly basis. You set the 8 active wrestlers you want every week. The pool of players includes AEW Dynamite and AEW Dark wrestlers.

How does the Draft work?

It is a live draft but you can auto draft as well. It will use you preselected Pre Draft list to draft the wrestlers you want.

How does the wavier wire work?

Waiver wire is pick up anyone you want, there is no priority at this time. Waivers close monday at midnight and reopen Thursday at 5 pm ET.

How do you make trades and waiver pick ups?

When your lineup is open, there will be a link to waiver pickups and trades.

Where do we get the breakdown of rules of the league?

On the league page buttom left where it says Account settings section. It will show you the league scoring set by the league manager.

How do I get my Free Dogecoin?

First make sure you have a 'Wallet' set up. You must have over 25 Dogecoins in your account before you can withdraw. If you have a wallet and 25 dogecoins in your account message us.